Science and research

By using cutting edge research in motor learning we have come up with three different modes to dramatically lower your handicap.

Random golf uses an algorithm based on your shot distances to create cycles of golf holes. These golf holes are presented on your device using a high quality images and an associated yardage.

While on the driving range, players can use this mode to practice real game scenarios. This style of practice has been proven to dramatically improve golf scores!

Today’s targets gives users the ability to type in the distances of each flag on the driving range. The app then displays a randomly selected distance, specific to the driving range flag, with an associated image.

This allows users to still get the motor learning benefits of playing random shots while still being able to go for real targets out on the driving range.

Select your range allows users to create a max and min distance to be displayed to them. This gives users the ability to practice specific ranges with associated images.

Because Random Golf and Today’s Targets allows users to “rate their shots” using a star system. Select Your Range is a great way to practice specific distances you may need to improve on.

More than Practice Modes



All pro golfers carry around a journal with them to jot down notes about their game. We have included a journal component to the app. Users will be able to write down notes and save them chronologically. Based on the “rate your shot system” the Journal will also have a statistics component. Here users can see a comparison of their average rating across different distacnes. This will give users a great idea of which ranges they need to practice.



This app also gives users a library of handpicked videos by our PGA tour certified pro, Shawn Cox. With new videos constantly being added, users will be able to search for interesting topics about golf and improve their game through watching analysis of good swings.


Create Your shot

This features allows users to take a photo and upload their own pictures to the app. While playing a round of golf, a user can take out their device and snap a photo of the hole they are on. By then specifying a distance, users will then see that image with its associated distance come up in their rotations in Random Golf, Today’s Target’s, and Select Your Range.